LF Transformer Shield - Terror Annointed and Terror Annointed Granade!

Please let me know if you have one or both and we can work something out!

I have a Transformer with terror-anointed ammo regen, and some blue, pretty basic grenades with health or damage with terror. You a MM4 farmer or new to level 50? Even if you don’t have anything to trade, I’ll give these to you… just not sure about the scope of things you might have to trade.

im sort of kind of new to 50 and farming, but if you need anything ill look!

I would love to pic these up, that terror ammo regen is exactly what i need …first time trying to trade like this, my name in game is : opethlike

Welcome to end game and thank you for coming for on the forums and trying to take advantage of the trading mechanic provided by the game instead of adding to the noise and anger about drop rates. I am happy to help you get what you need outside of what’s being offered by @Adabiviak. Just PM me a list and if I have it I’ll send it along at a time appropriate for me.


Ok - I added you and sent that shield and a couple of grenades to get you going. If you’re new to farming, don’t sweat it. If you find a regular mission reward with an anointment that you don’t want though, I’ll take it.


If you’re still interested for trading, I have full terror gear, lots of combo’s and many Terror annointed Transformers.

ok cook, i am starting to farm so if you need some stuff i should kieep an eye out for let me know!


I am, really need a grenade that applies terror to myself (or some gear that applies terror to me)

I’m looking for a low magsize Zeitsev’s Eruption with an X2 projectile, Don’t care about the anointment.

Alchemist with SNTL cryo,

Craps with SNTL Cryo or Swap 130

Lucky 7 with Ammoregen with Clone out

ION Cannon with Reload on Swap

I mostly play Zane :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I have one, let me see (and am not interested in those, though that Ion Cannon with reload on (clone?) swap sounds fantastic… neither of my Zanes get to use that weapon).

edit - sent you one (grenade that applies terror on action skill end).