LF Transformer shield with 50% bonus elemental dmg on ASE

Let me know what your after and I’ll check if I have it.

Moar Fire Linoge and Fire Cutsman with ASE 100% damage or 300% damage after phaseslam

i got the transformer you need.

I have the MOARR fire Linoge to do 300% damage after phaseslam, but it’s level 49 if that’s ok

yeah sure, why not mate.

psn: de_regelaar

Thank you, friend request has been sent.

psn: frogletspuds.

I have 2 or 3 of those with elemental ASE , shock , Rad and not sure the last one

What would you want for the shock, me and my friends are after the transformer with 50% element damage on ASE.

Trying to build my Zane and Fl4k

Mostly rakk attack 100% dmg stuff and Zane 50% dmg while sentinel out.

But anything really goog anointed can be ok.

Also looking for Tediore mirv pistols anointed.

I have breath of the dying, shocking 9-volt and the unending magnificent to do 100% damage on enemies damaged by rail attack

I’ve a Transformer with 50% Shock ASE. Really looking for Hexes with 50% (would love a shock Hex with 50% Fire ASE).

Got the Transformer with fire and Kryo on ASE

Looking for Driver class mod with 3 Points in Mindfullness, 25 weapon damage and 31 pistol Damage.

And Kybs worth with Fire and Schock or fire and corrosive and 100% on ASE.