LF transformer shield with ASE CD

LF transformer shield LVL 57 with the anoint - On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate. I have a ton of M10 weapons, and other gear to trade. Thanks Tom dot66

Did you find this shield?

No Lvl 57 one. Not yet.

I have one if you are still looking.

yes that would be great. thx
ps i sent the old gods. thx

Hi, Just syncing up. Hopefully, you have gotten the old god shields from your mail. Note, i haven’t seen the transformer shield with ASE CD. Did you send the transformer shield with ASE CD? If so, please send again to tom dot66 Happy gaming. thx

Oh I didn’t know you sent them. I got an old god long ago. But I don’t use that transformer. I will be happy to send it over.

Sent it over.

Would you like a copy of the transformer back? If so, say yes and then check your mail much later tonight. thx

Nope. I have many transformers. I had two of the 20 action skill ones anyway.

thx. let me know, if you want to change things up, and are looking for new gear, i will let you know what i have. thx