LF Transformer Shield with SNTNL Anointment

As the title says, I’m looking for some SNTNL anointed shields. Also, Gatlin Gun with the anointment would be great too. I have a lot to trade (mostly terror gear) and have a lot from Moxxi’s DLC. Also, have all the redistributors with STNL anointment to trade. Also, other stuff, just let me know what you’re looking for.

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I m interested in all the redistributor sntnl anointed. I have Maggie 50 sntnl, carrier 50 sntnl. Then I have a lot of gear for Amara and flak and lot of 100 ASE weapons like Maggie, all cutsman shock rowans call, Companion, dp alchemist, dp rad lasersploder, 50 shock and corrosive transformer, fire surge 50 fire, 50 fire and corrosive firestorm. Psn Gimn123. Add me if interested

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Do you have a seein dead class mod with weapon damage and smg damage or electric banjo?

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Sorry I don t. I only have really crappy ones. I need to farm more for that class mod

Hi I have the it’s piss and lots of Zane gear including banjo, good seein dead com, sntnl gear.

Currently looking for Fade away shotgun flak stuff;

Good bangsticks
Good roll Cosmic stalker and bounty hunter coms with weapon damage, shotgun damage, aoe, splash, crit etc

Can we trade a rad redistributor sntnl for Maggie sntnl?