LF Transformer Shld

Not much to trade, a few legendaries and anointed guns, mods and some purple relics (mostly L50), just hit 50 a few days ago.
Psn: fejorquerav

Unless you’re looking for one with specific stats, you can get one as a quest reward for “It’s Alive” on Nekrotafayo. At least i think that’s the name of the quest.

Iv got an extra transformer. Got any Gunner/Siren annointed guns?

I’ve got a couple of shields what are you looking for in the stats.

I’ve got an transformer. What guns do you have? I’m looking for a Lucian’s call.

Got one from that quest and about 4 more from Bosses, all of them with the same stats, seems to be just 1 version of this shield.

I have an annointed one…

Nice. You can get various bonuses on them AND anointments. It doesn’t seem particularly common to get them, but rng will eventually roll in your favor. The Transformer is the only shield I use consistently aside from the Rough Rider.

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