LF | Transformer; SNTL movement speed

Anyone have a movement speed increase annoited transformer? Have a corrosive 50% ASE transformer and a regen 5٪ health after ASE to trade plus whatever else

I have a speed increased brawler’s ward

Meh, either a transformer or stop gap would be perfect for my zane build, ward not so much, but do you need anything? I’ll send it to ya if I have what you’re looking for

mainly looking for either a binary kyb’s worth or crader’s emp5, both sntnl bonus cryo anointed

I got transformer with sntnl active 15% increased movement speed.

Got any redistributors with sntnl? Except corrosive that i already have. Or any other Zane stuff, pref with sntnl.

I have fire and cryo redistributors w/sntnl, I will trade you both for your corrosive redistributor w/sntnl and your transformer?
my psn is Ice-T411

Cool, i will add u soon :grinning:

I’m also interested in the Transformer STNL & the corrosive Redistributor. I have a few things for Zane you might like. PSN: soulcydes