LF Transformer w/STNL Movement and Snowdrift Art w/ Mag+Wpn+Move and Seeing Dead w/+5 DB and WPN+SMG+MAG

PSN NeveR_x_EndeR
Have lots to trade

I found a snowdrift with 8% mvmt speed yesterday. Forgot what the suffix and other perks are. I’ll check tonight.

Cool, hit me up
PSN - NeveR_x_EndeR

Do you have a kyb’s worth with 44+ magazine, fire + shock, consumes 2 ammo and 160% splash after exiting iron bear?
I have a transformer with SNTL movement speed, I also have a seein dead but it’s 4 donnybrook smg damage, magazine increase and weapon crit damage. The one your looking for is literally a beyond perfect God roll I’m not saying it’s not impossible to get it but damn close to it.

Definitely hard to get lol

So I’m guessing you don’t have the kyb’s worth I mentioned?