LF Transformer with +50% bonus elemental damage (preferably shock)

I don’t know if anyone would ever trade in one of those, but I’ll try anyway. I’m looking for a Transformer with +50% shock ASE. But I’m also interested in other elements.

Among the stuff I can offer is:

Red Suit (+50% Radiation)
Transformer (+200% melee after Phaseslam, 3% health/s on Digiclone, extra Rakk attack)

Lyuda (1639 dmg, +300% after Phaseslam)
Bekah (+50% fire or corrosive)
Shock Cutsman (+50% shock or cryo)
Moar Linoge (corrosive, +125% against bosses/badasses)
Sleeping Giant (incendiary, +50% cryo; or shock, +250% after Phasecast)
Shocking AAA (+300% after Phaseslam or +250% after Phasecast)
Night Hawkin (+200% melee after Phaseslam)
Radiation Rowan’s Call (+300% after Phaseslam or +50% radiation)
Dictator (NE, +125% against badasses)
Cash-Infused Brainstormer (+50% radiation, +50% shock, +250% after Phasecast)
Face-Puncher (+250% after Phasecast)
Butcher (+300% after Phaseslam)
Hellwalker (+250% Phasecast, +100% ASE, +200% melee)
Monocle (several +50% elements or +250% Phasecast)
Ion Cannon (17391x2, +100% ASE)

If you’re looking for something else, just ask, there’s a chance I’ve got something. I’ve got several Hex grenades with +50% bonus elemental damage too.