LF transformer with ammo regen and grenade apply terror [PC]

Hi Everybody ! :smiley:

i’m looking for a shield Transformer with ammo regen and grenade who apply terror for my FL4K Build ( I’m desperate ^^)

I’m on PC, i have some legendaries to trade or tell me what do u want

(wishing you all a happy new year) :partying_face:

I have spare ones you can have for free, message me with your username.

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@xBoundary for real ?
even if it’s another shield but with ammo regen it’s ok
thx mate !!

my username is : BboyVenum
i send u a friend request

Hi @xBoundary I am looking for same items, do you have any left to trade perhaps?

my game name Ferrum83, Ive sent friend request to xBoundary.