LF transformer with ammo regen, grenade with apply terror, stalker with good annoint, and ice breaker deathless

I’m looking for the items mentioned in the title. I have many legendaries to offee but not a lot are annointed.

I have these. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Transformer Hyperion Shock - Ammo regen during terror
  • Cloning Chupa’s Organ Hyperion - Splits into 2 grenades Generates terror every 5 seconds

I have an ammo regen transformer do you have a corrosive x2 lump or flesh melter with plus corrosive or plus heavy

I already got a transformer but i’m interested in the chupa’s organ. Are you looking for a specific legendary?

I am looking for the items listed at the link below. If you don’t have any of those I would be happy to look at the items you have for trade.

Are you SirNoods in reddit?

I have a Flesh Melter with plus corrosive damage. Do you have any of these items?

Does it have plus heavy as well? I literally just got a flesh melter with plus corrosive and a purple lump from slaughter shaft.

If you have it with plus heavy damage or torgue damage. Or a +3 leave no trace com with plus heavy or torgue damage I have. Recurring rad hex with terror and fire shock kybs

Unfortunately, it has SMG damage, not heavy. Sorry. :frowning:

I have a cryo butcher with sntnl + cryo dmg. Would want to trade with urs |Spooling Projectile Recursion (x2 modifier, fire/shock, anointed +100 weapon damage)

Mao - deal! I will put in the mail shortly. Can you share your updated list of items, Mao?