LF Transformer with ASE cryo damage anointment please

Trying to finish out my Amara’s elemental arsenal.

I’m looking for the following items
Shock redistributor 49 magazine SNTL cryo anointment
Seein dead with heavy weapon damage, weapon damage and reload speed (generic or torgue specific)
Scourge shock and corrosive with SNTL anointment
Blast master with 1 point in redistribution, smg and/or weapon damage, splash damage, magazine size, grenade capacity, health regen.
Kyb’s worth corrosive 44 size magazine anointed with 160% splash damage after exiting iron bear
Juliet’s dazzle cryo with either 125% incendiary damage or 160% splash after exiting iron bear
Otto idols (Flesh melter, last stand or elemental projector) with movement speed, smg damage, magazine size, action skill cool down, shield capacity

I have the transformer with cryo lvl 53

I have the Juliet’s dazzle cryo with 125 incendiary. PSN RMANCL

I’ll check the Otto Idols that I have, cause I have none of those others sadly.

I got you add me, same name. Just return the favor.

You’re still on my friends list. :slight_smile: Remember that Vercuvian Ham I have with cryo is level 50, not 53.