LF Transformer with + elemental damage (any)

Will give left arm
I have quite a bit to trade just tell me what your looking for and I’ll see if I have it.

I have Transformers with 50% on ASE in all elements.

Do you have a Headsplosion with either 125% splash damage or 100% on

I already have a left arm, but will happily trade for any good flak coms, bangsticks or quickies.

I have quite a few Fl4k coms. I’ll be on tonight around 6 PST and start checking mules.

Hey, I have quickies and bangsticks which you can have, I have fl4k coms but not the rakk pack one, was there anything else you had in mind ?

I have the rakk pak one. Other stuff is all I’m looking for currently (otherwise I get confused). What were you after?

I’ll leave the confusion out of it so :grin: i’ll send you over a bit of variety and sure whatever you dont need, you can sell it/use it for trade.

I’m good not looking for anything in return im online now if you want to add me psn is timmo2times I have a carrot with dual pistols as my avatar

Very kind thank you.


I will send the transformers If you add me - I did end up derailing your topic!


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At work now
Ps4 name is Shzar but I think I have my settings locked. I’ll add you tonight

Do you have an anointed Maggie SNTL 50% damage?

No. Never had luck with anointed Maggie’s sorry