LF Transformer with Shock on ASE

LF Transformer with Shock on ase

Have to trade;
Rowan’s call - S extra projectile while terrified
Rowan’s call - R 125% to badass enemies on ase
Rowan’s call- F 50% of damage as bonus cryo while SNTNL is active
Dastardly Maggie - extra cryo while terrified
The Duc - increased crit damage while terrified
Lucian’s Call - Crossive 100% damage on ase
Lucian’s Call - F 25% crit damage on ase
Cutpurse Deathless - resistance, recharge rate, irradiate chance
Raging Bear - grenade capacity, damage reduction, tediore accuracy
Hostile Bitch - F 130% weapon damage after Digi-clone swap

I have this one and every other flavor. I’ll trade for rowans call extra projectile and maggie cryo while terrified? If not then maggie for the shield
Gt ShadedxDreamz

Sounds good! Sent request

What’s your gt?

Battletoad v2

Starting up game. Give me a min.