LF trickster mod

llf lv 72 trickster mod with + 5 or 6 chain rection

You have three options. For all 3, the maximum Fire Rate boost you can get is +32%. For options 1 and 2, you will always get +6 to one skill and +5 to another. For option 3, you will always get +5 to the 1st skill, +4 to a 2nd skill and either +4 or +3 to a 3rd skill. Your options are as follows:

  1. Blurred Trickster (up to +32% FR, +6 Chain Reaction, +5 Kinetic Reflection)

  2. Blurred Trickster (up to +32% FR, +6 Chain Reaction, +5 Life Tap)

  3. Blurred Trickster (up to +32% FR, +5 Chain Reaction, +4 Kinetic Reflection, +4 Life Tap)

Option 2 is better than Option 1, since Life Tap is generally more useful than Kinetic Reflection. However, Kinetic Reflection can be very useful if you use a Mirrored Trickster that boosts Kinetic Reflection by +6 for a total of 11/5 Kinetic Reflection. With 11/5 Kinetic Reflection, enemy bullets (only works for bullets) will actually heal your character. IMHO, Option 3 is the best since it boosts 3 skills and still allows for 10/5 Chain Reaction. I use a Blurred Trickster (+32% FR, +5 Chain Reaction, +4 Kinetic Reflection, +4 Life Tap) and with that COM have a total of 10/5 Chain Reaction, 5/5 Kinetic Reflection and 5/5 Life Tap. My Blurred Trickster build is in my ‘signature’.

Also, certain weapons tend to work well / very well with the Blurred Trickster COM including the Tattler SMG, Stalker Pistol, Twister (Shock) Shotgun, and Pimpernel Sniper Rifle, just to name a few. In case you didn’t already know, on PC, Xbox One and PS4 it is possible for Maya to “one shot” BNK3R and Saturn using a Blurred Trickster (11/5 or 10/5 Chain Reaction) and a Pimpernel (Corrosive) Sniper Rifle. If you happen to have the How Marcus Saved Mercenary DLC, I would recommend farming the Loot Train for the COM. I get those frequently when I farm as Maya. If not, you should be able to find someone who can trade with you. Good luck!

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should get that dlc then