LF: Trying to help my brother gear his Zane. LF a few things

Band of Sitorak
Ice breaker victory Rush
Infinity with 100% cryo while SNTNL is active
Seeing Dead with 40% to pistols

If you have any of these please let me know what you are looking for I have a full bank with lvl65 M10 gear.

GT: AggitatedYeti

Thanks! =)

I will have a look later tonight. I might have some of the gear your looking for. Does it matter if the band of sitorak is not level 65. I think I have a rad infinity with sntl cryo

Awesome the infinity would be amazing and if you have the shield awesome. Really appreciate it!

Are you looking for anything?

Terror annointed old gods as well as terror crit and damage Jakob’s weapons. Stinger shields and good minesweeper and phazerker coms. But if you don’t have it’s all good

I might have some terror stuff. Dont think any of the old gods I have are terror. but i will see if anything i have matches up to what you are after.

Hey. Sorry man I totally forgot to check on the gear for ya. Are you still in need of them

Yeah if you have it and dont need it I would love it. Unfortunately I looked through my stuff and dont have anything that you are after. =(

That’s not a problem. I will try to get those items to you tonight or in the morning

I do have the infinity as well as a rad redistributer with sntl cryo. and a level 53 band of sitorak with sntl move speed that I will send your way hopefully today


Hey bud. If your going to be on at some point I might need a invite to a lobby to get that stuff ready for ya

Finally got around to sending some stuff. Sorry about the wait

no worries at all thank you very very much I appreciate it =)

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