LF Two Fishslap Grenades

Preferably with ASE Elements (Fire, Shock or Corrosive)

Too many things to list…ask and I can get it for you

Here are the Fishslap grenade mods I have available …

Apologies for the pic quality. I used my phone to take them to save time. Its about 5 am here so Im being lazy.

I’ll trade for the Team-Building and Converging ones…what are you looking for?

Maggie or Monarch with SNTNL Cryo

No worries if you dont have one.

I might have one of these to trade. You wouldn’t happen to have a full auto M10 Cryo Kaoson with 150/50 Rad anoint would you? :slight_smile:

I’ll take one of yours, and one of @Sidartha’s

Not x2 tho…I’ll take the grenade

SHIFT: WxnderBread

Here is what I have:

Just let me know which if any you want and I’ll take that trade. :wink:

I may need you to add me on Epic because my SHIFT acct wont let me log in. It says I have to verify my account but when I click the Verify button, it says my account is already verified and just does that stupid loop.

Im trying to log into Shift using my Epic Id but it seems I’m having some internet issue.

That Monarch is perfect. When I can log back in, I will send you the friend request and send you both the grenade mods you liked.

I hate SHIFT sometimes lol

Sent. I mainly play on Steam, but we’ll try SHIFT later


Ok. It seems my area is experiencing an internet outage and should be back up by 8 pm est (Im in South Carolina) according to Spectrum.


Items have been sent. :slight_smile: :smiley: