LF: Two Hearts-Event Weapons. Zane Cyro Annointed

I know it may be a hassle to ask for those in good annointeds in all 4 VHs but can someone who does the backup save or other method of farming look out for me and find a SMG and Sniper with 100% SNTNL Cyro bonus annointed?

I can’t say if the SMG one is strong but it looks fun to have around with Zane. However if someone farming please look out for me and god bless you on your farming method for this

Have you got any lvl 53 redistributors or cutsmans with SNTL cryo anointment

Or a maggie with 100 ase ?:slight_smile:

None. Just need a generous farmer looking out for those for me. Level 53 just hit yesterday and looking to spend this week “farming” for those two weapons in annointed

I am farming for them, but no idea when I will get them, I am doing everything at a very relaxed pace, if you are patient I will eventually hook you up

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So you want a hand out?? Thought this was a trading thread…

It doesn’t work the way you think and as I said Level 53 just came out yesterday and I’m working to gain good Level 53 gear. If you don’t have the items I’m asking for then kindly leave.

Those that are farming right now congrats and I’ll see if I can get something for them if they reserve the items for me in their bank

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Lol umm ok how does a trading forum work then? I have the sniper with SNTL cryo anointment however I’m not just giving it away for nothing but hey good luck finding someone willing to just feed you a handout

Good luck then.

@olivier_shady I can wait. If you need anything in return let me know.

Also visitors that joining my thread here please don’t be a sour person and be reasonable. Let the person know if you have it and if you read my OP if you can store the weapon I seek till I get it. Visitors who hasn’t known the OTHER side of trading click the link below

Happy V-day to all and keep a look out on if I ever do the next giveaway thread

I have both the smg and the sniper with SNTNL Cryo if you want them but I’m currently working now

Thank you. Although I cleared my bank and mules with Level 50 gears, is there anything you need? I don’t have a lot since I started fresh and wiped everything out from Wednesday

I’m looking for redistributor with SNTNL Cryo lv 53 if you find one send it my way

I may need to jump in the raid. Will see if I can find it