LF two Mirvtacular Hexes

Title says it i got alot for trade!

Hi do you have any Flak class mods ? SPecifically Friend-Bot / Red Fang

give me a second to check

no but ill try to farm you one fast.

i have friend-bot mod to trade

HI! I’m looking for a friend bot with Action Skill cooldown and decent skill bonuses. Or Red Fang with +Ferocity skill (The eagle claw like icon) and Action Skill CD.
What are the skills/bonuses on that class mod ?
You can add me on Epic and pop me a text when you’re online so i can quickly jump in cuz i won’t play much during the week.

hey you got any zane cryo anointed gear or Amara rad/elemental anointed gear (rad Cutsman)