LF Unforgiven (Scoped Preferably)

Got full bank of legendaries. Message me for details and what you’d like for one!

I have few. Keep in mind that scoped Unforgiven gets -30% damage. Do you have non elemental or fire shredifier with chaingun barrels, fire butcher, or any good Executor class mods for Zane?

I do have a non elemental shreddifier, not too sure how a chaingun barrel looks so I’ll just send you a pic and you can see if you like it. It is lvl 49 though. Other than that I dont have any of your other desired items sadly.

I got Scoped Unforgiven.

LF Rowan’s Call RAD /Loaded Dice +luck/mag size /FLAK mods +/Damage/ assault rile dmg/ etc

I would need your unforgiven, got a radiation rowan’s call up for trade and a fl4k de4deye mod with weapon damage and assault rifle damage, so just add me on epic if you’re interested.

IGN: zero_366

I’ve sent you a friend’s request lets trade Bro.