LF: Unseen Threat 300/90

Looking for a high damage unseen threat with the 300/90 anoint. Have a ton of STNL cryo stuff to trade, Including a yellowcake, Kaosen, Maggie, Anarchy, Lyuda ect. Just ask, I may have it.

Have : unseen threat with the 300/90 anoint

LF :auto soul render sntnl

PSN :gbuny911

Gave one away recently so don’t have it unfortunately!


Kaoson STNL
Shock Lob STNL
Yellowcake STNL
Anarchy STNL
Star Helix STNL
Krakatoa SNTL

yellowcake with sntnl cryo would do.
Does it x 2?

Yes it’s X2. PSN: JuniorSenior95