LF *update* can be closed


Thank you to all the generous people here!


I Have shock and corrosive redistributor as well as the corrosive cutsman.

Just looking for a few things. A SNTNL anointed x2 Radiation Ion Cannon. And some purples Like a corrosive Hedgehog also a x25 Stagecoach with ASE 100% dam.

Unfortunetly i dont have any of those. :frowning:

I’ll still send to you. Will send FR.

Ohh really! Thank you so much!
I will try and farm for you the items you need.
Many thanks.


I have the stagecoach been trying to get sentinel redistributors relentlessly with no luck what versions do you have with that anointment both shock and Corrosive?

I actually got a stagecoach from chest in Jackbot vault. I have all elements for redistributor with 100% dam ASE and Fire/Shock/Cryo/Rad with SNTNL anoint. Good luck finding Corrosive redistributor. It’s currently non existent. Several of us have been farming Takedown to find one but no luck so far.

Last 2 things on my list of wants is Hedgehog 2x corrosive and Ion Cannon 2x corrosive SNTNL anoint

I will trade you a corrosive redistributor with sntnl cryo bonus for a shock with sntnl cryo bonus?

Hey i got the shock variation you looking for trade for your corrosive?if so my psn is issue_usk

I don’t have either of those. Dunno how you managed r get so lucky with the those anointed redistributors I’ve ran the takedown in m4 probably 50 times by now and I can’t even get one to drop much less anointed

Gonna crash out soon. Do you need? if so which ones?

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I think I just nailed the a dastardly 100 ase stagecoach for you. Give me 30 mins and its yours.

oh I got one bud (but maybe yours may be stronger). Im just now trying to help someone acquire a x2 Lump/Hive or Scourge thats SNTNL anoint.

Ill be on in a half hour I will check my stuff and send you my stage coach anyway so you can decide whats better. Ill see what scourge I have and if I have lumps.


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At work right now so can’t be on for a while but mostly wanting the rad, cryo and shock ones in that order for stnl Zane. Literally the only things I need in th game that bad.

My psn is: DP_UnkemptHarold I can add you back when i get home