Lf urad 50/150 Lyudas

^ topic. x1 Fire/Corrosive would be bice, with a mag between 15 and 22 ! :smiley: let me know if I can help with anything !

Hi, I got these, interested?

PSN Goldi99

Yeah sure ! Can I help with anything you are looking for ?

Im looking for a reflux 14x with urad or ch1
Or red fang , stackbot with crit and weap dmg if possible
But i dont need these lyudas so i can send it via mail if u cant trade :wink:
Whats your psn

EzioILMentore. I’ll send what I have :smiley:

Mails out, sent u both hf :+1:t2:

Sent a x14 Reflux CH1%, and my best red fangs and Stackbot, hope they will help. Thanks for the trades and if I can help again let me know !

Wow, thank you very much, these ones will take me forwards :+1:t2: