LF urad convergence/ogre

Please let me know what coms/guns you’re looking for for these. Msg me on PSN = MLFGC

Thanks for reedin

I have ogre urad
looking for
psychostabber cryo when terrified
brawler ward/ fire old god/ snowshoe all with terror on melee
at this point any interesting terror gear that I don t have if you don t have any of above

I hate terror anoints as they’re useless after Halloween. But I kept a recharger w terror if you want that…

fyi terror can be used after the event (with ase or melee generation anoints) . However I already have this shield

Aight. Sry I couldn’t help :man_shrugging:


Hi. I have theese on my urad Fl4k. FR sent.
image image

I don’t dupe weapons
However gbx folks on the forums ban people that dupe so be careful what you post