LF: urad gear and class mods. have: stuff from arms race

im in need of:
fire/kinetic flakker
hotfoot teddy
fire boogeyman
fire protuberance
all urad please.
im also lookin for good drops of the new class mods. and a red fang with points in ferocity and if possible action skill cooldown and splash/aoe bonuses

ive managed to get some gear from the arms race event. various items and anoints. if theres something you need let me know and ill see if i have it. i also have non arms race gear extra. just let me know. i also know how to dupe gear if need be.

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I have the fire flakker and boogeyman, add me, same name. Send me a message on psn with what you’re looking for and I’ll get it to you tomorrow sometime.

I have red fang for you :wink:

@calebismybro I’m interested in fire boogeyman urad too, anything you want for it ?

I have the teddy!

thanks for the replies. anything you all lookin for? if i dont have anything ill keep a look out. my arms farming is 50/50 in terms of possibly amazing to usable.

I’m looking for Zane new class mod and boogeyman sniper. I’ll add you and send you the red fang now

any specifics on the boogeyman? ive gotten 2 so far. a consecutive hits shock and a rad next 2 mags fire a believe. can double check to be sure

Rad N2M will be cool😁

double checked it and it is radiation with N2M fire, just to clarify. sending it now.

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Need a Tizzy if you have extra

CH1%, Phasecast250/slam300, or 100 wep ase

i might have a phase cast/slam version. those anoints are so common for me in arms race.
ill check when i have free time