LF URad Gear - Specifically King/Queen Call

Looking for URad Queen’s Call Rad but and/or URad Kings Call Incendiary.
Also looking for URad Clairvoyance, Skullmasher, Headsplosion, Wedding Invitation.

Here’s what I have:

I also have all ASE Element Wedding Invitations + 100% WD ASE Polyamorous

Gamertag: joedram0

Alright, so after weeks of farming I finally got a URad Headsplosion the other day. I am still looking for the Urad Skullmasher though so if anyone is willing to trade I would be willing.

Hey, I got a URAD Hellwalker if you know can tell me a way to duplicate. I’m currently using it on my own and it’s a beast!
If you have a max pallet, max dmg URAD Garcia, or a bounty hunter class mod with shotgun dmg, jakobs weapon/ critical hit dmg, anything three shot fade away related perks, or a front loader with capacity and turtle + 50% elemental dmg on action skill end I would be interested in those. If not you can still have the Hellwalker if I can duplicate it.

Hit me on PlayStation: blakline92

Thanks! So I do have a URad Garcia which rips on Fl4k. I don’t know if it is max pellet but I will check. As for my Bounty Hunters, I will need to check those but I do have Front Loaders in every element. Just let me know which you want. I will send you the gear some time tonight or tomorrow before work.

Also, If you come across any URad King/Queen Calls or a Pestilence that would be awesome.

Oh and I duplicate things by saving the data to a USB, send over the gear and then reupload the save data from the USB. That’s on PS4 though.