LF URAD Hellwalker, Trickshot, and/or Skullmasher

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a URAD Hellwalker, Trickshot, and/or Skullmasher. I have a lot I can trade. If anyone has one (or more) of these to spare on PS4/ PS5, I can take a look at my stash for something you might want in exchange!

Are you still looking for this?

I actually finally got one to drop for my Zane, but I wouldn’t mind another for my Fl4k! What are you looking for? I have a lot of weapons and shields.

I have nothing to offer but I wanted to tell you that Wedding Invitation can’t get new anointments that means URad can’t be obtained with Wedding Invitation.

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Thanks for the info! I learned that after I posted this. No 300/90 either, such a bummer.

Anyone find a Urad Skullmasher that they are willing to trade? I have been farming for one on and off since the lvl cap and it will simply not drop from Eista. I got a bunch of pretty good weapons and gear just let me know what you are looking for.

Here’s what I have:

There are some additional things that I got since I made the spreadsheet too, like some Headsplosions, Little Yeeti and some other things.