LF urad lvl65 M10 Boom sickle/Super shreddifier

lemme know what your specifically looking for to trade and I will send to you asap.

Trading nothing but M10 stuff of course. ill be on all day farming.

Thanks for reedin!


Any redistributors with 50/150 anoint? Any Hyperfocus with 50/150? Any good class mods for Moze?

no on the redist or hyper… tho got an opq 50/150

hyperfocus 300/90 and ch

redist have zane anoints.

I have a bunch of mods for moze. what’re ya building?

I’m still rocking a lvl 50 Blast Master and a 53 Green Monster. Need new lvl 57 god rolls of those.

Got a corrosive 50/150 boom sickle for you. Tell me you have a cutpurse launchpad :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:

Yes I have a cut purse launchpad.

What’s your PSN?

I’ll send you some blastmasters. Don’t use green monsters tho so only have a 53 of that

Are you interested in any of these Boom Sickles?

Add me, paco97214. I’ll send you what you want.

I’m interested in just the boom sickles (both). Lemme know what you want in return…

Ok adding right now. It’ll be sent by the time you read this. :ok_hand:

… well… after you add me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple CH booms shock and corrosive I think, lmk if you want them. Also have sntnl rad 150 and a 125 Moze fire kinetic.

I’ll take as many as you’re willing to give. Lemme know what you would like…

Good elemental soulrenders(full auto/burst) are what I’m hunting at the moment. Add me on psn if we’re not already friends and send me a message regarding boom sickles and I’ll send at some point today or tomorrow morning.

Add you back. I’ll send you the boom sickle. So you have cutpurse launchpad ? Or any good anointed zane weapons?

I dont have those other specifics… I specified alternatives. However I’m about to send you the cutpurse launchpad now

Ok I’ll send you all the soul renders I have atm , which is not many.

… just waiting for the add

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Ok for me :+1:t4:

Nice! Lemme know if I can help with anything else!

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Looking for any Redistributors with the SNTNL Cryo annointment since I’m still using a Mayhem 0 version.