LF urad lvl65 M10 Boom sickle/Super shreddifier

Ok add me n I’ll send you some m10s sntl100

Thanks, feel free to add me. N8d0ggz


Do you still have the corrosive 50/150 boom sickle? Have lots of g roll weapons to trade!

Still looking for boom sickles? Got a cryo one with the AB fire anoint

Yup still looking for lvl 60s. Whatcha want in return?


What do you have in the way of splash uRad guns?
Any rad old gods? Looking mainly for one with the ASS anoint

I have some urad guns … not the ones I need … I’ll go down the list tonight.

Look for my reply in a couple hrs

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Sounds good. I have the boom sickle and harold on me when you are ready (harold from your other post). Either way they are yours. I need to clear out some bank space.

Do I have you on Psn?

Just accepted the FR and sent the harold and boom sickle

i have a lvl 60 m10 rad boom sickle with 50/150 anoint. interested?
im looking for lvl 60 m10 with 50/150 anoint:
non rad boom sickles
non rad contained blast X2
flipper with fire element

I can give you a fire urad flipper

Msg me on PSN: MLFGC

did you want anything in return? my psn is demonofsparta

I’ll take the boomsickle urad… unless you’re offering something else…?

sorry. already traded that to TC. anything else youre lookin for? maybe i have something.

Ok well the title is for boomsickles lol

You got sand hawks, monarchs, redistributors, lightshows? N what are the anoints? Any one shotters or shrieking banshees?

Just sent you a fire one with the urad anoint. It isnt splash, so it doesnt do much for me

my bad man. i thougt you were someone other than TC replying to me. i already traded you my rad sickle but ill see what i got. i think i have lvl 60 m10 a x4 kinetic 50/150 monarch, a cryo 50/150 lightshow and a cryo 50/150 redistributer. give me a bit and ill update you

It’s cool. If you hit the small arrow directly on a post I can see that you’re talking directly to someone. But my last msg also applies to you