LF urad tizzy all elements (also ase100/asa200)

Lemme know what you need. Have most new items now just farming anointments.

Add me. Always giving away guns I don’t need now :man_facepalming:

I got you bro, im pretty sure we’re friends already.

Thank man :metal:

You still looking for urad tizzys? I have a cryo urad one. Do you have any N2M convergences or monarchs? Can be ×4 or ×8, it dont matter.

I actually don’t keep n2m stuff. Turns out to be pretty weak. I’m constantly giving those away

Hm, weird. I personally think they are some of the most damaging anointments. Especially on zane now.

I disagree. I’m using a 75badass anoint on a smog on Zane atm n it slaps. I need to get a better one

N resistances get on my nerves. Add me n I’ll throwem to you if I get any