LF variety 50/150 weapons lvl 60 M10

Need (M10):

Reflux 50/150
Hunter Seeker 50% bonus shock

Offer (M10):

Bloom SNTL 100% (X2)
Bloom 300/90
Bloom GB 115% (X4)
Bloom Phaseslam Wep DMG 300%
The Blanc Phaseslam Wep DMG 300%
Cutsman (shock) Phaseslam Melee DMG 200%
Cutsman (fire) GB 115%
Plumage SNTL 100%
Complex Root (cryo/fire) 300/90 (X2)
Complex Root (cryo/rad) GB 115% (X2)
Complex Root (cryo/shock) Digi-Clone Wep DMG 130%
Complex Root (corr/shock) Phaseslam Wep DMG 300%
Complex Root (corr/shock) Rakk Attack 100%
Complex Root (corr/shock) SNTL 100%

Robin Call 300/90
Robin Call GB 115%
Unkempt Harold GB 115% (X2)
Light show (corr) Rakk Attack 100%
Light show (rad) Rakk Attack 100%
Contained blast (fire) GB 115%
Face puncher Phaseslam Melee DMG 200%

The Transformer bonus Corrosive (X2)

Elemental Projector Deathless (sniper dmg/move speed/melt chance)
Berzerker Splatter gun (shotgun dmg/move speed/shield recharge rate)

Let me know if you need something!

I’ve got what you need. But I won’t be home until Friday night. Add me : Korben44

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Ty. I’ve already got you added from previous trade! :wink:

Awesome! Lol

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But how are we going to enjoy your videos if your not home till friday? Thats like a whole 48 hours away bro!!!

I love watching you wreck this game …


Sorry bro! I should have uploaded some before I left. Lol


Do you need any specific elements?

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Hey man not really. Looking for any element with 50/150 annointment!

ok, cool… I’m online now, so I’ll send you what I have.

edit: only one I didn’t have atm was the hunter seeker with cryo. When I find on, I’ll send it your way.


Bro no worries you’ve already helped me out a bunch! Do you need anything in particular?

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I’m all good man… but thanks for the offer!

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