LF various gears(insider,lyuda,monarch)

I’m looking for lyudas annexed or not with high mag sizes with 200 asa mainly Fire,corrosive

Also rowans call fire,rad 200asa

Monarchs I’m looking for fire and corro x8 with CH

Also insiders with 500 Elemental Or 150 rad

Looking for Recurssions 100ase Fire/rad , Fire/shock …rad/corro

I have your rowans call rad 200ASA (M10), have any good M10 sntl 100 or 50/150 weapons, or good seein dead class mods

ive got alot of what you seek. What items specifically? …alot of Seein deads as well all just depends.

Looking for seein dead shotgun or pistol with mag size and wpn or crit damage.
rad kaoson with scope 50/150
rad monarch with scope 50/150
sandhawk fire, shock with sntl 100
ere we are at.

lets start with those and see where we’re at.

So i have a seein dead with 3 in donny and 1 in each other with splash,weapon dmg,shotgun
-One with 4 in donny with weapon crit,mag size,smg dmg
-one with 4 in donny with wep dmg,mg size,AR dmg
-i have a fire sandhawk with 7.2k dmg SNtl 100
-i do have the rad kaosan…but its a reflex scope or recon whatever
-i have the monarch

what intrest you?

If the monarch is X8 with at least 1.5 zoom I would take that. If that doen’t work if the kaoson is 2X then that would be the one. psn halinglis

ima join ur game boss. ill sent request

Any interest in a seein dead hvy dmg 35, wpn dmg 28 , wpn handling 36 for that shotgun seein dead

2DB, 1 PD, 2VV

i can just give it to you same way i did with other weps i dont mind.

You need anything

If u ever come across items listed above just lemme know Lol.

Or a sandhawk fire high dmg with SNTL