LF various Moze COMs & Artifacts

Mainly looking for artifacts now. Ideally looking for something Snowdrift Victory Rush with +AoE/+incendiary damage/+mag size, and whatever combo of top/bottom components.

Top: Snowdrift, Last Stand, Elemental Projector, Icebreaker

Bottom: Victory Rush, Otto Idol, Moxxi’s Endowment, Deathless

Looking for some Moze COMs too.

Raging Bear/Flare/Eternal Flame: +splash/+AS damage and either (+SMG, +weapon damage, +crit, or +AS cooldown)

Blast Master: +splash/+AS damage/+AS cooldown

Do you have any front loader shields w 100 melee ase? Or a 150/50 x14 facepuncher? Or any element stone deathless artifacts?

Facepunchers I’ve got 50/150 and x14, but I don’t think they’re on the same gun. Others I might have… lemme load up the bank and check.

All good let me know. I’m sure I’ve got the blastmaster and mindsweeper your after

Good news: I have a Bullet Buffet Front Loader w/ ASE 100% melee

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Ah cool im definitely interested in that. Add me, psn kirkvisa. And I’ll send that blastmaster and mindsweeper your way

Shield is in the mail. Thanks!

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I’ll be on in 10 or so minutes to send the class mods. Thanks!

All sent :call_me_hand:

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Those are awesome dude, thanks!

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Bump still looking for better artifacts

Happy to help on the weekend if you’re still looking. I’ve got artifacts that will help.

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I’d certainly appreciate it! Any chance you happen to have a Snowdrift Victory Rush with those stats rolls?

I’ll have to check but I don’t think so.

Bump still looking