LF Vicious Molten Lyuda anointed Preferred but just want to try one out

What I have for trade
Disciplined Ripper (Siren Phasecast 250% weapon damage)
Expert Kill-o Wisp (skill end 50% bonus incendiary)
The Flood (Siren at skill end deal 20% bonus radiation)
Nuclear Resolute Lyuda (Siren pasecast 250% damage)
Mocking Devoted arc and cryo (at skill end splash damage is increased by 100%)
Stark Devoted (Siren Phasegrasp weapon charge time decreased)
Double Penetrating Boring Gun
Expert Hellshock (Siren Phaseslam)
Lucians Call (Siren Phaseslam bonus damage)
Woodblocker cryo ( gunner increased reload speed)
Woodblocker Arc ( Gunner next 3 clips do not consume ammo)
Cross infused crossroad arc ( Beastmaster Enemies damaged by rak attack take 100% increased damage)
Firesale Long Musket ++ ( Beastmaster when gamma burst is active gaine 65% bonus radiation damage)
Speedloading Hellwalker ( at skill end weapon status effect damage and chance are increased by 75% for a short time)
Rerouter ( action skill end regent 5% health per second for a short time)
Buttressed recharger ( action skill end damage is reduced by 13% for a short time)
Houdini Rectifier (Siren Phaseslam Melee damage increased by 200%)
Improved rerouter ( Siren Action skill end 30% of damage received reflected to enemies)
Resonant Backham (Siren Phaseslam 20% reduced damage 12% movement speed)
Elemental projector Deathless

Added more anointed items to the list.