LF vindicating ghast call

I have a few good items, not many… would love to get my hands on one of these before the event ends!!

Let me know what you want for trade!

First post! Welcome welcome :slight_smile: I have exactly 1 Vindicator left. Here’s my wishlist;

Shields (terror ammo regen)- stop gap, recharger, messy breakup (GenIVIV unique),

Guns (digi clone ammo regen)- Binary The Crit (Moxxi tip reward),

Guns (Terror extra projectile)- Shredded Jericho x2, The Freeman,

Guns (Terror damage & fire rate AND/OR extra projectile AND/OR +50% cryo)- ten gallon, hellwalker, faisor, Smartgun XXL (Gigamind unique), Moarr Linage, TK Wave, Fearmonger x8, Lucian Call, Rowan Call

Class Mod- Executor; grenade damage, action skill cooldown, any other buff

Artifact- Snowdrift Splattergun; grenade damage, movement speed, any other buff

If you still need a Vindicator Ghast Call, I have one for trade. You can see my items here:

Let me know if you would like to trade.