LF- Vindicator aghast call and Zheitsev eruption

Let me know what you need. Got plenty of Amara and Zane gears.

Bump! Still looking!

Got both…

Don’t think the grenade has an anoint IIRC.

Looking for a good Cheap Tips with an anoint that makes sense on Moze. Best would be a next two mags give whatever elemental damage.

@johnrr6 I don’t think I have cheap tips, any other fun you’re after?

Not really…just trying to come up with an all Moxie build…lemme check my gear…I think I have 2 Eruptions…will just give you one…

They are on one of 6 mules and Level 50…Is that OK??

Ghast Call can’t be anointed. If it is, it’s modded.