LF vindicator ghast call cuz...i tried

been hunting all of bloody harvest, it ends this thursday, gonna bite the bullet and ask, started saving up a bunch of tediore purples recently because everyone all of the sudden seems to want them, also have a bunch of legendary gear, a good amount of annointed. GT: Tenebrouswulf. just let me know if you’re looking for something and i can check what i have and the rolls.

ill send one tonight. Wouldnt mind a few tediore shotguns with mirv on toss. COGS8 is my GT.

ok, i’ll send over a few tediore shotguns tonight once i’m off work, any pistols or smgs, any specific elements or annoints you’re looking for?

Any of the shotguns with any element, and any annointment. Moze annointments priority

Any of those tediore 5 mirv homing?

Did i trade u for some already? Am i wrong or did u just need more?

no we haven’t traded for a vindicator

Sorry was replying to shaded. I have a vindicator as well if someone doesnt get u

I just have a single 5 mirv shotty. Electric. I was looking for the other elements and possibly anointed.

I have all the elements. Some are annointed. 2 for moze (120% splash and 40% incendiary dmg after exiting iron bear. Normal one is increased crit with terror. And cryo one is ammo regen with terror. All should be5 homing mirv.

Just throwing that out there if we didnt discuss prior.

What were you looking for?

Max crit unforgiven. Extra projectile rocket launchers (scourge, lump, quickie, etc.) Good annointed cutsmans or crossroads with annointments for zane and amara. +5 phaserker comm. 300% brawler ward. Good corrosive weapons with good annoints. Nades with 25% melee chance. Shields (transformer and recharger preferred) with bonus elemental dmg on ase. If not any of those shoot me some offers

I have all transformers with 50% except shock. I have a corrosive crossroad with 50% fire next 2 mags. I have a couple 300% wards with different anointments.

Among other things. I’m not playing right now but I can look later. I’m still looking for a brainstormer as well with 50% more cryo or corrosive next 2 mags.

I have that. And i have a shock transformer if u have that or a stop gap with cryo dmg. And i’d look at the wards with u when ur free. We are friends on xbox so whenever works. My gt: Tr1p1nSquirrelZ

Op someone give u a vindicator uet?

do u have one to give/trade

Probably. If op is spoken for u can have the one i would give him.

thx lmk