Lf Vindicator Ghast Call for obvious reasons

I have several terror ammo shields and a apply terror it’s piss for trade. Flak and Amara things as well.

Psn: beenprosinceday1

Add me n specify in the notes I’ll toss you one

sent request :grin:

Sent. Enjoy :metal:

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I sent you the vindicator grenade :wink:

I’d be interested in one if there are spares. Anything you are looking for? Got some killer melee gear.

eta; Have one now :slight_smile:

On pc but I have a spare VGC if needed. No trades necessary.

Do you happen to have a cryostone white elephant?

Sadly no. I have fire, shock and corrosive, all with melee passives. You’re most welcome to them if you want.

Hi Eldeefifty,

I’ll take those fire, shock and corrosive white elephant with melee passive if you’ll like to toss out. Have added your PSN. Thanks in advance.

PSN: Asakaseto

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Send the request to Muletastic please, that is my trading account. I’m gonna bump the one you sent to Eldee Fifty

Gotcha, thanks

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PSN is experiencing issues here in the UK atm. I’ll sort it out once I can connect to psn. If you don’t hear from me for a day, send me a PM on here to remind me

No rush mate, will do. Thanks in advance

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Items sent. Enjoy

I’ll takem. Lemme know if you still want the nade

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I have the nade now but am happy to send you the stones if you like. Send a FR to my Muletastic account

Ok thanks

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Seen the notification but unable to accept FR atm. There seems to be an issue with PSN (other people have also reported this). Will accept and send as soon as I can.

Finally got it to work. Phew. Items sent.