LF Vindicator Ghast Call grenade mod

Would like to get one of these to test on my build. If you have one for trade let me know please. Would like level 53 version.

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Here is a few i have for trade for Zane players. If your looking for something in particular i don’t mind farming it for you. Done that for a few people. Drae_gon is my Epic game name for friend request.

The grenade is anointment locked just like the Scream of Terror. The item you have is 100% modded.

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If anyone has a level 53 Vindicator Ghast Call let me know. Items above are for trade and I have other stuff @53 for other characters. Got a really good Radiation Itchy Scourge with Gamma burst annoint for you Flak lovers!

I sent you a legit, plain one

You rock! Thank you so much!! If you ever need anything just let me know.

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