LF Vindicator Ghast Call H: Cutpurses, Face Punchers, Bloodletters, lvl 1 Stops Gaps, Elemental Everblasts, M4 weapons, Takedown weapons, etc

Might take me a day to get back to you but I have all the gear one would need for a Moze lvl 1 Stop Gap build or a Tediore chuck build in any element.

I also have a bunch of M4 and Takedown exclusive weapons.

Also looking for a Deathless Cutpurse artifact!

Any 100% rakk attack gear? I have the vindicator Ghast call.

I have a Vindicator Ghast Call and a Deathless Cutpurse. What’s on the Level 1 stopgap? Also, is the Loaded Dice Cutpurse?

I have one.

Add me on PSN: madyca

I’d have to check later but I have 3 different lvl 1 stop gaps.
Definitely have a loaded die cutpurse as well.

Sounds good. If the Cutpurse loaded dice has health regen on it I’m good with it :+1:t4:

Definitely have one of those!