LF vindicator ghast call level 50 please

looking for a vindicator ghast call at level 50 please i grinded my heart out for that damn thing and had zero luck…if anyone has an extra one and would be willing to share please send me a message on here

just posted 1 for trade


if i had 15 million i would give it to u lol i just spent all my money on the last of the ammo upgrades sucks to me be

just got a bunch of $$, so i am good. Maybe help me get a couple mules (3 max) to sanctuary so I can put stuff in the vault? free 1 for your troubles?

@silentone12125. Do you have any terror extra projectile weps? Shrediffiers or recursions?

let me look?

i only have a level 47 weapon with an extra projectile…its not max level so sorry but if your still interested its one of the snipers from the event the high capacity vigilant stalker sniper

what is a mule?

Mule is a character you use purely for extra storage.

Bud, im guna send you a vin ghast when I get home. About two hours from now. What is your GT?

you are awesome…gamertag is SILENT 1112 dont forget the space between SILENT 1112

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Wait, sorry, lol. 5mins.

thank u i have yet to log onto borderlands today but thanks again