LF vindictive ghast call

If anyone has a vindictive ghast call they dont want/need let me know im willing to trade anything for it.
Plus i dont know if its actually real just heard it is. I have a cloning but really want the vindictive if it does exist

Vindicator is real.

Do you have anything anointed with gamma burst?
A Faisor anointed with STNTL bonus cryo damage?
Any desirable artifacts not involving slam, slide, or melee with good buffs on the bottom?
Any non Terror anointed Infinity Pistols?

What is so special in Vindicator?

Cloning and Roid damage rolled into one.

Basically if you farm the Slaughter Shaft it’s nice to have to deal with all the armored mobs since it’s corrosive.

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By Roid you mean Roider +20% damage?

Can you post a picture of it so we can see the stats? @jorgeammo