LF Wagon Wheel x6 ASE 100% dam, Redistributor Rad 100% dam, Vinicator Ghast Call

As the title says, I need these few items. I have some decent items for trade. They are mostly items for Moze and Fl4k.

Here is list of a few
Lob Cor 100% projectile speed
Kybs x3 shock/fire IB 160% splash
Kybs shock/cor ASE 125% splash
Double Pen Juliets Dazzle ASE 25% Crit
Lob fire Moze IB 125% incendiary next 2 mag
Lob Cryo Moze IB 125% incendiary next 2 mag
Blast Master mod 31% pistol/+5 nade/31%shot (50)
Snowdrift Otto Idol 17%pistol/+40mag/-30%recharg (50)
Last Stand Otto Idol 17%pistol/16%rad/+40 mag (50)
Cryo Deathless 16%inc/+40mag/27% melt (50)
Wedding Invitation ASE 125% to Badass/named
Wedding Invitation ASE 100% damage
Wedding Invitation Rank Attack

I can add more to the list later or just message me on here or on PSN. My screen name is jdmishima.

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I have the redistributor and ghast call. I would like your shock/corrosive kybs and your two Moze lobs.

FR sent.

What do you want for your shock/fire x’s kybs worth with 160% splash with IB?

I really want a Juliets Dazzle with moze or splash annoint and blast master mod with +1 w/ good rolls (aoe/mag size/weapon dmg/grenade dmg). Those are my main wants at the moment but if you have anything good moze/splash annointed just message me.

I do have the wagon wheel with 100% damage on ase if still interested

Yes, I am. Send me your psn and I’ll send you the kybs shock/fire.