LF: Ward (shield) - Will Trade any Leggy I have

I can’t for the life of me get the shield from Graveward. Any generous person want to trade one with me?

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which one?

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Ward. I have maxed out bank and losing room on Moze with leggies. I really would love to get a Ward. Even if the roll on Ward looks bad

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You talking about the brawler ward shield?

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I won’t use it as a melee but that one

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Yeah i got it… but just seen this is a PS4 thread… Im xbox RIP

i’ll see what i have i have an anointed brawler ward for fl4k on me. or just a reg brawer

Got one from someone on Discord from trade. I won’t need it anymore but thanks

there is a discord for bl3 trades?

Yeah and other channels. I think it’s an official Borderlands too


I see two different ones on reddit but I think this the one I’m in. Unsure if this is on topic but they’re active shift codes, trades, lfg, discussions & news, and much more

You got this by any chance? I have three different brawler wards.


Got a Ward from trade. I don’t have that class mod sadly

I have that for you.

Thats cool, i already have two versions but i can always have another, it can always be better, what do you need?