LF:warlord and hellshock.many items to trade(Updated list)


1、 warlord corr (sntnl gamma ase100)
warlord shock(gamma ase100)

i have

I’ve got all the SNTNL Lobs, 1 or 2 100ASE, and several 125% Splash Damage ASE.

I’ll be on in a bit. PSN jorgeammo

i add you

Do you need anything else? You have some nice items and I would love to make a trade with you for that nighthawkin or something else.

Updated list

Hi if there’s anything on my list you want let me know I’m really interested in your Red Fang. Thanks

Got a shock lob ase100 if you still need one add ‘Richos72’

I have a Krakatoa SNTNL trade it for lob corr SNTNL

i have the hellshock 100% ase. add me and ill send but im curious how much are you willing to trade

Also have a 100% ase krakatoa if youre looking for one

I’ve got these two items. Thank you

Ah alright then

I am interested in your items
I have sntnl gears for zane
Im looking for
Cloning mad tracker ogt25
Stagecoach 21
Dictaor rad sntnl 100
Qsystem sntnl 100

I have hellshcok 125, sntnl100
Dictator*6 kinetic, corro sntnl100
Cloning mad tracker ase fire,corro50

And many nice mods

My psn is : gogosungo

OK.i add you

Hey, I’d like a copy if that red fang as well its mightguyyo

I have a corrosive ase 100 Lob and the SNTNL cryo Storm. Would be interested in your Seein’ Dead and Cryo SNTNL Redistributor.

Hello, what’s your PSN?

You have a couple things I’m interested in add mightguyyo

My PSN is TheFourSeven, feel free to send a request.

Would like to change the Seein Dead request to the SNTNL Maggie if possible.

No problem, I’ll add you later