LF weapon dmg antifreeze

Had 2 antifreezes fall right through the floor of sanctuary…

If you have a good antifreeze with good stats lemme know what you want for em

Tnx fo reedin!


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i might have one with +5 in violent momentum

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Thanks so much are you looking for anything?

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Everblast 300 90, shrieking devil, cryo and rad old god.

Got a cryo fronzen devil, not sure what a shrieking devil is, lol. Will check for rad old god on my other zane momentarily

Red suit rad ase

Hey I asked first! I want an antifreeze too… :pleading_face:

When I get off o work I can send you those items if you wish… I don’t have the shrieking devil tho… if I can get just one to drop it’ll be a miracle

I Haven’t send yet? Will send when i get back on.

Things get confusing on here, nat zero six do you need a red suit rad ase, if so I have on I will send you.

Yes please. Lol

You pm me, then reply here after i send it. Lol

Sent you the red suit, not the greatest rolls, but has everything else, cheers.

Thanks, i just need the ase rad anoint on it, for my shreiling devil amara build.

You guys are awesome helping each other out like that.

I wish I could bet my borderlands 2 brethren to come back :cry:

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I have a radiation/corrosive shrieking devil that is 250 phasecast if that will work for your build?

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Farmed a few shrieking devils will send to you in a bit.

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thanks. i never get anything from that banshee,.

i need a 125% splash rad. but if you don’t want it send it my way

What did you want for the antifreeze? Im also on PSN atm. Lemme know

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