LF Weapons and Class Mods offering 2 for 1 (new trade list)

I’m looking for the following

*Atom Balm Deathless - MUST have health regen passive, AOE Damage

*Bloodletter COM - 0 points to Thin Red Line, MUST have health regen passive.

*Eternal Flame COM - at least 1 point to Running on Fumes, weapon perks, mag perks and splash perks.

*Anarchy x18 or x20 - corrosive; anointment does not matter

*Exceptional Dark Army++ - Cryo; anointment does not matter

My trade list is now on a good spreadsheet below. I am offering 2 for 1 deals for the items above. DM me what you are looking for and the anointment and hopefully we can make a deal.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero


Pretty sure i have Spy COM, peregrine and dark army for you. Will send you this tommorow.

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let me know what ur looking for dude and ill keep an eye out.

I can mail over some x2 torrents for ya.
Would like that embers purge you got :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey i have Dark Army Shock/Fire/Cryo/Corro URAD - LF you’re Boom Sickle , Rebound Shock/Corro and Kaoson Shock


Me again :laughing: Got some Anarchy x20, as usual, will send you this tomorrow.

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Got a x2 cyro Juliet’s Dazzle for you, if you’re still intrested

bump. Updated list.


Sent you a globe trotter and hustle COM :wink:

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Bump. Updated 05/02 with new trade list in vault as well as on characters.

Still looking for a shock EDA++?

Sorry for late post. Yes im still looking for it.

I have Glob x3 Fire if you want

Ill take it. Let me know what you are looking for.