LF Weapons with terror anoints

Offer weapon with anoint and I’ll make a deal

What are you mostly looking for,pistols/AR’s/shotgun etc, whats your top 3 ?

AR’s, Pistols, and snipers like Lyuda and stuff

Gimme a few minutes to log on here and check it out for you

Ok. Take your time. You can add me on PSN if it’s easier
PSN: bloodrain4

I’ll send a FR now, who is your main ?

Moze/Flak. I play both equally

Cool, I sent that FR, any particular anointments you were after, are you just after damage output

Im mostly just out for damage really

Accept that FR and ill mail you over some gear

Ok. Thank you

I just got this.


No Holloween Haunt was going on during Maliwan takedowns launch. Just extremely lucky/unlucky depending on wether you like Terror.

:joy: yeah sure thing yeah, did you have ghosts when you were in the TD no you did not, thats because the event wasn’t in the TD :man_facepalming:

No Maliwan Takedown launched on November 21 and the Halloween event ended December 5th.

Check your dates.

The terror mechanic was not in the TD, but yes you are right about the dates

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Doesn’t matter the annointments were still possible on everything while the event was active. If somebody found a way to mod stuff on console I’d like to here about it.

You must be the luckiest guy alive, I have never heard or seen of any terror gear coming out of the TD, you should start doing the lottery

Not my drop somebody mailed it to me, but it’s entirely possible.