LF webslinger,aeslepius and light speed

Hate the new takedown and the times I have completed it these three elude me, don’t care about mayhem level or annointments just going for complete legendaries.

If you’re wanting something in return I may have it lots of mayhem 10 gear I have extras of

I have a lvl60 M10 lightspeed on me, what SNTNL cryo weapons do you have?

Nothing worth mentioning but I do have a M10 cryo monarch if you’re interested


I have a Asclepius (lvl 57). You by chance have anything that I want on my list. Let me know.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

Update just got the Asclepius just need the web slinger and light speed

Add me tonight and i’ll send a few M10 light speeds with different elemental ASE annoints your way tommorrow.