LF Wedding Invitation and Pa's Rifle /w +115% dmg while Gamma Burst Active Anointment

Subject pretty much spells it out. I play a Gamma Burst build with Red Fang mod. Looking for the new Wedding Invitation Jakobs sniper with the GB anointment to give +115% radiation dmg

Also, not sure if you can get it with an anointment, but if it exists, I’d like a Pa’s Rifle with the same anointment.

Level 53 please

Hello. I’m not too sure if the pa’s rifle can be anointed. I ran the mission 5x with a separate splitscreener each time and they were all unannointed. Hopefully it was just bad luck on my part because I also really wanted a gamma burst version

Found this thread, and it looks like we are S.O.L. on Pa’s rifle :frowning: