Lf wedding invitation plz

I’d like a 100 ase wedding invitation as I got pretty rubbish ones in the event. I have a few things to trade. If anyone could help me out I’d be forever grateful my gt ChilledFish88. Cheers :smiley:

I have a wedding invitation ase 25% crit dmg if you want to trade

I have exactly that.

My gt is the same as my forum username if u wanna discuss more specifics.


I’m not online atm what would you want for that?

Here’s my list of items I want: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1--EoYDVpoTnuI_bVSXklbzXRF97pFuGc2w0HZj6qn4Q

I will check when I’m online I might have a couple bits your looking for

Did you still want to trade for mine or no?

That’s the one I have dude sorry

So here what’s I got for that wedding invitation 100% ase : flakker 100% on ase, brainstormer 100% on ase, lead sprinkler 100% after rakk, stagecoach x 18 100% after rakk, elemental projector loaded dice with shotgun damage ffld and health regen, a level 50 cosmic stalker with jackobs reload speed jackobs weapon damage and hyperion fire rate and a x2 ogre with 25 crit after rakk and a x2 q system 100% ase. Any of those any good?

Ah okay

I also got a few 100% cyro sntl bits and a couple phaseslam ase 100% weapon damage bits too if anyone interested trading a 100% weapon damage ase wedding invitation